Fandoms Are More Important Now Than They Have Been Before

  1. […] For many women, being a fangirl, obsessing over that popstar, is a natural and important part of their sexual journey. Just like teenage boys, who society has blessed with an allowed-to-be-horny card, teenage girls are sexual beings who are interested in – drum roll – sex. This will never change, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people. Yet, this is not something that society is willing to accept yet. That’s why the belief that fangirls are ‘silly’ and ‘hysterical’ persists. Onlookers should understand that young fangirls are exploring and expressing their sexuality, many cower in their comfort zones, choosing ridicule over recognition. Therefore, we remain locked in the 60s, still stuck in the same old misogynistic mousetrap. Will things change? Hopefully, the next sixty years will be more enlightening.  […]

  2. […] more fandoms existing online these days, it’s often vocal fans who are causing cancellations. As fans, it’s […]

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