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Here at That Fangirl Life we’re letting people come together & share their fandom interests openly - without that fear of judgement fangirls often receive. 

We celebrate fans of all artists and pop culture icons, from One Direction to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande to All Time Low. No artist is out of bounds and no feelings are subject to ridicule. 

From in depth articles exploring the world of fandoms to listicles; there’s something here to make everyone feel included. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always listen to our podcast as well!

THAT fangirl life is a podcast and online publication for fangirls from all backgrounds.

A place to be free.


Hey, fangirl. You're not alone.

As a fangirl since I can remember, I often felt the judgement of being one from my friends and family. During 2020, a year that changed for the world, I decided to fully embrace my fangirl and share more of this online. From this other fangirls reached out into my DMs sharing their fangirl stories; it was from this that I knew that every fangirl has a story to tell and That Fangirl Life was born.

i'm laurel!

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