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where it all began

Launched in December 2020, That Fangirl Life is the brainchild of two passionate fans. Following the loss of publications like Mizz and Shout in the early 2010s, female fandom existed in a strange and unstable cultural space. There was no longer the one-stop-shop location for all of your pop-culture needs – no more weekly gossip columns or freebie pull-out posters that’s blue-tack remains would leave your walls stained for years to come.

As teen publications fell by the wayside, the space for fans amongst the mainstream media became smaller and smaller. They reverted to their bedrooms, searching for new ways to get their fangirl fix. Progressively, fans began gravitating towards online platforms Tumblr and Twitter in hopes of re-writing the narratives which had been lost during their eviction from the mainstream. And it’s safe to say that they did so with force!

Now, the internet is a prominent central hub for major fan activity. Whether it’s through fan art, update accounts, forums or group chats, fans are having their voices heard again. Permeating every corner of the web, fans are expressing themselves and their interests freely, able to communicate with each other in ways that Beatlemaniacs could have only ever dreamt of.

With That Fangirl Life, we want to champion the voices of fans from around the globe. What started out with humble beginnings as a podcast and Instagram platform, has now grown into the brand you see today. From music to tv, films to celebrities, That Fangirl Life is the platform where fans can unite under one common goal: to challenge the misconceptions that have tarnished fangirls throughout modern history.


Creating a safe space

With That Fangirl Life, our hope is that you feel that there is always someone to talk to. Our DMs are always open for a chat, whether that’s about your new favourite song, or just how your day has been.


Championing female fans

As a team of fangirls ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to fully embrace your fan persona. We want to empower you in your everyday life, and, show others around us just how mighty we can be! 



The best thing about being a fan is the memories you create along the way. This project is designed to bring those memories to the masses, and empower others to join on this wonderfully unique journey. 

So, who’s involved? 👀

meet the team

Working on the platform’s backstage areas are a team of eight women from all four corners of the globe 💁🏼‍♀️

Issy Aldridge

Web & Socials Manager

Issy has been with That Fangirl Life from the very beginning, starting out as a guest on Season One back in 2020

Tara Matthews

Web Assistant

Tara and Issy met at University and have been friends ever since. She helps oversee the maintenance of the website.

Meredith Ammons

Graphic Designer

Meredith is our talented in-house designer, creating quirky art that perfectly encapsulates what it means to be a fan.

Imogen Morgan

Events Host

Imogen brings the events portion of TFGL to life – you’ll have to come along to see what we mean though!

Chloe Wragg

Social Media Assistant
Chloe is part of the socials team, creating daily cross-platform content that injects a little bit of fangirl spice into your social feeds.

Chloe Latham

Admin Assistant
Chloe keeps a watchful eye over our email inbox and works tirelessly to keep the cogs of TFGL turning smoothly in the background.

Macie Hamann

E-Marketing Assistant
Macie is responsible for delivering our jam-packed, fan-coded newsletters to your inbox and LinkedIn notifications each month.

Izzy Martin

Playlist Curator
Looking for a no-skips playlist for your next party? Izzy is the mastermind behind TFGL’s Spotify channel, delivering playlists that can’t be tamed.