Taylor Swift Shatters Mobile Data Record with Eras Tour Show at Wembley

image: wembley stadium

Taylor Swift‘s historic performances at Wembley Stadium last month not only delighted fans but also set new standards for mobile data usage at live events, showcasing the ever-growing intersection of technology and entertainment.

Data from EE has confirmed that her Eras Tour shows at the iconic London stadium have broken all previous records for mobile data usage during a standalone concert the venue, with an astounding 5.57 TB of data used on 22 June.

This figure is equivalent to listening to Taylor’s entire discography for ten years straight or sharing over 1.7 million images on social media. The record-breaking weekend saw a total of 16.21 TB of data consumed over three nights, surpassing the previous record set by Harry Styles’ Love on Tour concerts last year.

Swift’s performances from 21 – 23 June drew in fans from all over the globe, with approximately 12% of Wembley’s 90,000-capacity crowd being international visitors from countries including the USA, Canada, France, and Spain.

The mobile data usage for the Eras Tour also surpassed major sporting events, including this year’s UEFA Champions League (5.29 TB) and FA Cup Finals (4.23 TB). The Eras Tour now ranks as the third biggest event in terms of mobile traffic at Wembley Stadium, only trailing behind the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2023 and 2024, both of which are all-day events.

In addition to the concerts, insights from BT Group’s Active Intelligence revealed that many fans also visited popular London areas like Lambeth and Wandsworth, possibly stopping by the Black Dog Pub before heading to Wembley for the shows.

The Eras Tour continues across Europe throughout the summer, before heading back to the USA later in the year.

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