Ticketmaster Hacks: Proven Tips for Snagging The Best Tickets

As someone who has managed to make their way through multiple ticketing rounds of BTS, Harry Styles and, yes, even Taylor Swift, I like to think I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Ticketmaster.

While we’d love to be able to sit here and offer numerous ways to ‘cheat the Ticketmaster system’ (it would make fangirl life so much easier), there are a few different ways you can increase your success rate when it comes to buying your tickets. So, check out some of our tried and true Ticketmaster hacks that are proven to increase your chances of seeing your certified faves live in concert.


If there’s one thing a fangirl is essentially an expert at, it’s researching before a Ticketmaster ticket sale. A concert ticket can’t be secured without first knowing the time and date they go on sale, whether or not there will be a presale you’re eligible for, which websites you can buy from, or even having a rough idea of the price.  Most of this information can be found directly from the artist’s social media and, more often than not, Ticketmaster will share information as well.

Make An Account

While this sounds extremely obvious, make sure you have a Ticketmaster account before any sales start; and, if you already have one created, there is no harm in logging in ahead of time to make purchasing a smoother process.

Log In Early

If you’re expecting a show to be in high demand, log in to your account the night before the sale starts, that way you won’t have to worry about Ticketmaster being overloaded with traffic or any last minute password changes when you’re already feeling the stress.

Card Details

Also making the purchasing process a little easier amidst the stress and excitement, have your card details pre saved into Ticketmaster, Google Chrome, or PayPal. Not only does this save the frantic typing of numbers and reduces the chance of mistakes, but it means there is one less thing to worry about. Additionally, if your bank has strict online banking procedures in place, make sure these are all set up before paying for the tickets.

One Device, One Window, One Tab

While back in the day you could have as many devices, windows and tabs open, all of them competing with each other in the queue, that’s not quite the case anymore. In this case, go against your gut and stick to one device, using one window and one tab. If not, you’re increasing your chances of Ticketmaster assuming you’re a bot and kicking you out of the queue – not good!

Despite this, multiple devices can be used as long as you’re signed in using a different Ticketmaster account. This way your additional devices will not be classified as bots. Just double check that the ticket sale doesn’t require any codes or links tied to a specific account, otherwise this will not work and will just waste your time!

Know When To Refresh

Answering the age old question: should I refresh on Ticketmaster, we have an answer you may be reluctant to hear. It depends.  Most advice will tell you that you should never refresh the page, especially if you’re in any form of queue. While this once was not the case for me (I used to refresh freely), it certainly has been in recent months. The one and only time I will ever refresh any part of the Ticketmaster ticket sale process is when the button to the waiting room has yet to appear.

Stay Calm

Much easier said than done, because this is coming from someone who genuinely started to see black dots in their vision watching the countdown for BTS Wembley tickets. While it’s expected to be a massive mix of nerves and excitement, staying as calm as you can makes the entire experience much easier. After trying, and failing, twice during The Eras Tour Dublin ticket sales, it was only when I let my laptop, and Ticketmaster, do its thing before I was able to secure tickets. Honestly, it was as if Ticketmaster knew I was focusing my attention somewhere else.

And remember, Ticketmaster usually drops random batches of tickets between tickets first going on sale and the actual show! Not only that, but reasonably priced resale tickets do exist and they are out there (just take the necessary precautions to ensure they are from a verifiable source).

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