6 Things Fangirls Do Better Than Anyone Else

Outsiders may believe fangirls to be crazy people who are over-obsessed with artists that they have never met. But being a fangirl is more than just being thrilled about tour announcements and music releases: it is being attentive, curious, and knowledgeable about artists and their work.

Keep reading to discover 6 things that fangirls do better than anyone else!

Their ability to form online communities? Unmatched.

Fan communities are not limited to only being on a certain “side” of TikTok or following a fan account or two on Instagram. The evolution of social networking has allowed fangirls to create numerous communities that are open, welcoming and resourceful. From Twitter Spaces to Instagram Direct Messaging, there is no limit to either the size or niche of fan communities. Joining the “stan” sides of social media will allow you to fully immerse yourself in everything to do with that particular artist. The craziest thing about these communities? There is no one leader! Apart from update accounts, there is no one person that is in charge of running these communities. They are simply tight-knit, passionate groups of like-minded people, sharing resources that allow you to freely express your love for all things music and pop culture.

They know how to show up prepared

One of the many great qualities of being a fangirl is always being prepared. Not only are they the best at being ahead of the game when packing concert essentials, but fangirls know that they must keep their eyes peeled at all times for any sudden move their favourite artist makes. Whether it be a single drop, a magazine cover shoot or a new line of merch, every fangirl knows to keep their mind prepared for news.

Fangirls always have to be on the edge of their seats both inside concert venues and out! Being a fangirl allows you to develop the quality of being spontaneous like no other community is. And that’s just a fact.

No stone is ever left unturned

Fangirls who have been around for a while know that suspicion is both a feeling as well as a diligent process. Should anything arise that could be remotely or eventually officially related to an artist, fangirls immediately jump in to see what it might entail. Take Harry Styles for example: the most recent suspicions of a new music video have sparked research to find deeper meanings and correlations to a website that has recently popped up. Fangirls are doing everything they can to uncover what the suspicious website means to the artist and to them. There is no limit to where details could lie; fans have even sourced old books for contextual clues and come up with many theories on the possibilities.

Being investigative as a fangirl can amplify many other facets of life. The next time you are suspicious about an artist and need more information, chances are a fangirl is already on it!

They have an outfit for any occasion!

Concerts are a great way to express individual style, and fangirls take style to the next level when it’s time to see their favourite artists in person. Through their communities and the buzz about albums and songs, fangirls are experts at coming to a consensus of what the aesthetic will be for certain tours. Going to a concert where fangirls are present is like seeing a Pinterest board come to life. The visual portrayal of music into style has evolved music and the identities that encompass it. So, if you’re stuck on what to wear for your next concert, ask a fangirl and she will exceed your expectations!

They’re a certified source of information

In the definition of a fangirl lies the premise that they are very knowledgeable about anything and everything to do with their favourite artists. Even if a fangirl doesn’t get as excited about investigating as the next, it can almost be guaranteed that they are an open source to provide anyone with facts and archives of who they support. While it may seem overwhelming to think of learning an abundance of information about someone you’ve never met, curiosity and patience are key. You won’t know it all after only one week, but with consistent research and casual scrolling, a new fangirl will be a pro in no time!

They can decorate their space to match their favourite artist

In addition to being experts at putting together the perfect concert outfits, fangirls are also among the best people for creating a space that is a seemingly perfect representation of their favourite artists. The opportunities are endless when it comes to fangirls interpreting how an album, artist or song is represented visually. It’s fascinating to see what people come up with and how these aesthetics spread throughout the community.

If a fangirl has more than one artist as their ride-or-die, the combination of their different qualities makes for an even more interesting space. It’s safe to say that fans of all kinds, whether they be for music, film or TV, have evolved from having busy collages of posters covering every inch of the wall to more simplistic yet equally symbolic spaces. Check out Charlotte or Lexy‘s rooms to see what we mean!

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