5 Tips to Turn Your Home Into A Fangirl Haven

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We all know the Harry Styles lyric, “there’s a piece of you in how I dress.” But how about “there’s a piece of you in how I decorate?” I don’t know about you, but my home is my happy place and I want it to fully represent my personality. That’s why I tend to put more and more items related to my favourite artists into my special space.

Here are 5 tips to incorporate this part of fangirl life in your home, but in a “cool” way. Goodbye, teenage bedrooms filled with random 1d posters (don’t be ashamed, we all had them), and hello stylish rooms with subtle (or not so subtle) nods to your favs!


The easiest way to pay tribute to your favourite artists in your interior is through prints. Official posters from tours, fan-made prints from your favourite creators, or even just photos you took during a show, the possibilities are endless!

When I started going to concerts I bought a poster at each one. As I began to go to more and more shows it started to get expensive and I didn’t have space to hang them all. I stopped doing it but these posters mean so much to me. I’d say they are some of the most sentimental pieces of decor you can get because every time you look at them you are brought back to the best night of your life! Put them in a nice frame and it will add a really nice touch to your space.

If you want to go for a more subtle look, you should definitely head over to Etsy. So many fans opened up small businesses during the COVID lockdowns, and you are almost certain to find the print of your dreams! There are lots of cool lyric-based designs, which are a more subtle way to show off your favourite song. This year, after going to my four Love On Tour shows, I decided to buy prints for each of them to commemorate this perfect summer. I bought the digital files from StudioSeeker, printed them, put them in nice frames and hung them up in my kitchen.

Another personalised print idea is to print photos you took of your show! It’s very simple but it will make your room feel even more special.

Concert Memorobilia

If you have the opportunity to go see your favourite artist on tour, keep everything from that night and turn it into home decor!

One of my favourite things in my apartment is my “feather vase”. When I went to Love On Tour, my feather boas kept losing their feathers and I decided to keep some to put in a vase. It’s very simple and someone who isn’t familiar with Harry’s shows would probably not know where it comes from, but it’s like an inside joke between us Harries which makes it even more fun. I also made a frame with my tickets, VIP pass, bracelet and some more feathers. You could also collect confetti if the show you are at happens to have some – it will look super cute in a frame with your tickets!

I’ve also seen people frame their sunglasses and boas from LOT. Some even put their whole outfit on a mannequin, even cooler!

Vinyls, CDs, Magazines and Books!

Now that vinyl and cd are making a huge comeback, I feel like every fangirl has a little station with a record or CD player. That’s another great way to show off your favourite artists: hang your favourite albums! Unfortunately, I don’t have the wall space to put them up but if I could you can bet Harry’s or Taylor’s vinyls would be up there.

Magazines are another must-have in the life of a fangirl, but they’re not just meant to be stacked away! Use them to elevate your space in a casual way. Of course, the easiest way to display them is a magazine rack – I actually have one where I store most of mine. But you can also use them as coffee table books, casually leave them around your house, and use them on your bookshelf to add dimension. Another cool way to showcase them would be on a wall-mounted magazine rack, and you could even put a framed print on there too.

You can also buy books related to your favourite artists. It could be a novel that was adapted into a movie, or a biography about your favourite artists. Leave it on your bedside table and voila, it’s that simple! 

Merch and Accessories

Merch can become your best friend when trying to decorate a room. Instead of putting your clothes in a closet, let them come out and see the light! Hang your shirts on a nice rack, put your tote bags on a coat hanger, or buy a jewellery box to showcase your pins and rings. Clothes are meant to be seen and shown, don’t just hide them away when your concert is fading into a memory!

And sometimes, you just have random items that match the vibe!

Sometimes a decor piece is not purposely related to an artist but it can still remind you of them. Whether it’s a cardigan or a mug, a glittery disco ball or something as simple as a plant, try to find something simple that makes you think of them and then look for items with the same vibe.

Let me give you an easy example: since I went to the Wembley Night One Love On Tour show, I developed an obsession with red hearts. Every time I see them on an item I can’t help but think of Harry, so naturally, I end up buying everything that has these tiny hearts printed onto it. My collection goes from a tissue box to baking spoons: a lot of subtle nods to the fruit man.

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