The Best Places to Find Entry Level Industry Roles 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of one day working in the music industry. One thing that I’ve learned in my job search is that the industry can be difficult to navigate, and having a lack of experience certainly doesn’t help. 

We’ve all been there – wanting to get real-world experience, but every job marked as entry-level ends up asking for three-plus years of experience or has hundreds of applicants. Lucky for you, today I’m giving you several places where you can find entry-level roles (that really are entry level!) 

While I can’t guarantee that every job will be the perfect fit, having a starting point makes finding your start in the industry much easier! Whether you’re still in school and looking to get a head-start or about to start your journey into the workforce, get your resume ready and get to job searching using the starting points below! 


First on our list is a platform that connects you directly to opportunities and work! PopBookings is an event staffing platform that connects agencies and job seekers! The jobs on the platform can range from music events to other live events, and typically the bookings happen within a close date to the event, so be sure to be ready in case a job pops up! While these jobs are more freelance-focused and most likely won’t be long-term roles, the jobs you take could allow you to network with the agencies and other industry professionals at the events and gain real experience that you can then put on your resume and use to find future work!

For easy access, download the mobile app to get even quicker notifications of jobs. Be sure to sign up and enter your preferred location to find agencies and events with work near you! 


Up next is one of my favourite websites for finding jobs in every part of the industry. From internships to assistants, writers, or television roles, there truly is a role for everyone on Hollylist. With a huge selection of jobs and companies, you’re sure to find something worth applying for! Because the job listings are screened by the website, you’re sure to find real jobs and not waste your time trying to avoid scammers. Each job post also includes a direct contact to the company’s application or email for you to share your resume!

The platform also has a search feature, allowing you to narrow down your search, and isolate the jobs that match your previous experience!  

What are the cons you might be wondering? Unfortunately, the website has a monthly fee,  costing its users $5 a month. However, you can get your first 30 days on the platform free, which gives you the time to determine if the jobs posted are worth your hard-earned money. And who knows, spending $5 for a month or two might lead you to find your dream job, and I’d say that’s worth the cost! Additionally, most of the jobs are US/UK based, so if you are outside of these areas, this might not be the job search platform for you. But don’t worry, we still have many more platforms on our list for your job search journey!  

Visit hollylist


Mandy is a platform featuring some of the biggest brands in the industry including Disney, Netflix, BBC, HBO and more! With a directory of jobs, professionals, employers and agents, the website is made for those on all sides of the job-finding process. Another key aspect of the website is its notification feature. Simply provide your email, and your inbox will be filled with relevant roles in no time! The platform is great for those all over the world with jobs in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, India, and other international locations!

While the website is primarily aimed at actors and singers, there are several crew-related roles from camera operators to writers and event staff, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a job that matches your career interests! 

Social Media

With the rise of technology and social media platforms, many companies have resorted to these platforms to reach the next generation of industry professionals. Whether it’s the companies themselves, paid advertising or industry influencers, more jobs have been popping up all over Instagram and TikTok. Since those on social platforms, especially these two, tend to be within the younger generations, many of the jobs are entry-level and great for those starting out!

While there are many types of roles available, search for words relating to the position you are interested in or follow those who post about jobs such as @melocompasspodcast on TikTok, who posts a carousel of new entry-level jobs on the market, like these!

Although searching on social media doesn’t always lead to direct job listings, influencers or industry professionals may be sharing their tips on getting a start in the industry, and you  never know when their advice might lead you towards a future job!  

Company Websites

Sometimes during the job search, finding a role is easier than you might think! Think of some of the top companies or brands you’d like to work for; Warner Music, Sony Music, Netflix, Universal Music Group? Now go to the company’s website and see if they have a  ‘careers’ tab. Many of these companies have their own job boards where they hire directly and update the pages with new opportunities. The jobs on these platforms can range from entry-level to senior positions, but jobs are posted regularly, so it’s worth checking out and keeping an eye out for any relevant roles! 

Major Job Platforms

Everybody who has searched for a job, no matter the industry, has probably come across the major job search platforms at one point or another. LinkedIn, Indeed, Handshake and Glassdoor are just a few of the platforms out there. While each platform differs slightly, each has its pros and cons, and I’d recommend taking a look at each to determine which is the best match for your job hunt. My personal favourite for looking for industry roles is LinkedIn, with the resources to browse through jobs, post milestones, connect with others and share your past work experience, LinkedIn is a one-stop platform for all of your job search needs!  

However, even LinkedIn can be overwhelming and getting started can seem impossible. I’d recommend starting with searching keywords that align with your dream role and using the search tool to find suitable positions for entry-level work. Be sure to look for connections in your network who may be able to help tell you if the jobs or companies you are looking at would be a good fit! 

Another key tip is to go to your page and mark the ‘Open to Work’ button on your profile. This will signal to recruiters that you are actively looking for opportunities so if you can’t find your dream role, they can come to you!  

Lastly, take a moment to scroll through your feed and see what others are posting. Often times, if people see a job that they think others might find interesting, they will post it for others to apply. Recruiters and employees also do this occasionally so be on the lookout! 

And while we mention it, you might want to check out the Weekly Role Round-Up feature we share on our LinkedIn page each Friday. Trust us, check it out and you can thank us later! With a new look and all sorts of industry roles, there is a job for any music fan!  

Your Network

You’ve probably heard this before, and while it can be tiring to hear, it’s true; your network can be a tool in your search for work! Starting your job search with your network, whether in personal or through social media, can be a great conversation starter and lead to inside opportunities that you would have otherwise missed! 

Even a quick post on socials or calling up a friend might get you some new leads. It’s always worth checking around to see who might know of an opportunity that might be perfect for you! You’d be surprised how often others are willing to help, even if it’s introducing you to someone new, or connecting you to a colleague that has your dream industry role!  

Now that you know where to look, you can polish up your resume and cover letter and get to applying! While finding jobs is only the first step in the job search process, hopefully, we saved you a bit of time, so you can spend more of it doing what you love! Whether you find a job right away or you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity, we know you’ll do great things – now, it’s over to you.

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