The Ultimate Fangirl Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year, the holidays are right around the corner and are creeping up before we even realise it. Here are some of the best gifts you can get for the biggest fangirls in your life: from concert essentials to cosy sweatshirts and even a night out at an artist club night. These truly are the ultimate gifts for your favourite fangirl this Christmas.

Concert Essentials

Everyone knows the ultimate experience for a fangirl is seeing their favorite artist live at a concert. Here are some concert essentials that would make an excellent gift. To go the extra mile consider grabbing several of these concert essentials and gifting them together to your fangirl, crafting them the perfect concert kit. 

A great start for the ultimate concert essentials is a nice pair of earplugs. Concerts should be fun, but also safe! Be sure to protect your ears and hearing at a concert, especially if you are on barrier up near all the large speakers, earplugs are a great gift for the concert-goer in your life. Another essential would be a slim, or smaller portable charger. Every fangirl needs a charged phone at the gig, whether for photos, videos, or even to call an Uber, but having a charger on hand is essential. 

Some other smaller, but still important items for the concert-obsessed fangirl in your life would be mini deodorants (for camping especially), phone sticky wallets (to store cards and ID) and lipglosses or chapstick.

Custom Fan Apparel

Everyone knows the way to a fangirl’s heart is by giving them the perfect custom fan-wear. Artists’ merch often falls a bit short of expectations (Harry I’m talking to you), so a great option is to shop from small businesses. 

Some of my personal favorite fangirl themed shops are: Pressed Paper Shop, Mustard Yard Press, Jazminzthings (they make the cutest posters!) and blindgoldrush.

While these shops are some of my go-to for my gifts, thousands of other small businesses and sellers make amazing products and can lead you to the perfect gift. 

Vinyl or CDs

If you know me, you know the way to my heart is to gift me a vinyl to add to my ever-growing record collection. Vinyl and CDs make great gifts and are another great way you can support small businesses, head down to your local music shop and pick out some of your friend’s favourite artists. 

Not sure what to get your friend? Maybe you don’t know if they have a CD player, or if they already have the record you’re looking to get them, a great gift option could be a gift certificate or gift card to their local music store. 

You can even go the extra mile, give them the gift certificate, and then offer to have a record shop date and go and flip through records together to make it an experience. 

Check out our list of 5 must-have records to kickstart your collection!


Tickets are an excellent gift option and something a fangirl will never forget. Giving a ticket is essentially giving a friend a memory, something you guys can talk about for years to come. 

Giving someone tickets also shows the love and thoughtfulness that went into a gift. You paid attention to the artists they liked and took the time to seek out tickets for them to make it their dream concert. 

Alternatively, tickets don’t necessarily have to be to a concert. Lots of local clubs and music venues host theme nights, so take your friend out to Taylor Swift night and scream all the words together. Or you guys can head to an Emo Night and enjoy the tunes of the early 2000s punk rock movement. The choice is yours! 

Custom Playlists

Another great (and free!) option is to create a custom playlist for your concert lover or fangirl. This is a thoughtful and personalized gift that allows you to curate a selection of songs that hold special meaning to them. 

Select songs that have been important, meaningful, or just some of your favorites throughout your relationship. Make the cover photo a picture of the two of you guys, or of some of your favorite artists to jam out to. This could be a great gift, that is easy, inexpensive and holds a lot of sentimental value to the recipient. 

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