Why You Should Get To Know Ines Dunn

photo: Em Marcovecchio

Ines Dunn may not be a household name yet, but she has probably written some of your favourite songs with your favourite artists without you even knowing. Dunn is an extremely talented yet under-the-radar musical songwriter who has many achievements under her belt. Writing with some of the best upcoming artists, Ines is well on her way to headlining the top. Including writing credits on a number-one album in the UK, she is thriving in her chosen pathway and it can only get better from here! 

At just 21 years of age, Ines has fast-tracked her way to success with her bewildering discography including songs with various female artists such as Mimi Webb, Cate and Holly Humberstone. The most notable addition to her extensive skill set is her contribution to the highly anticipated latest album ‘The Good Witch’ by Maisie Peters (who is now the youngest British female artist to score a number 1 album in almost a decade). 

Some of the songs that you may be familiar with but had no idea that Ines Dunn partook in any of the creative processes include Walk by Griff, Get Better by Cate, Not Another Rockstar and Body Better by Maisie Peters, and House on Fire by Mimi Webb, just to name a few.

The latest release by Holly Humberstone, Antichrist is also the freshest addition to the Iness Dunn library of artistry. 

Dunn was also nominated for a Rising Star award with Amazon Music this year with the IVORS Academy at only 20 years old. The songwriter is very clearly passionate about her creative work and this is alluded to in the work that she produces no matter how big or small. Signing a publishing deal as a headstrong young female artist and having success song after song success, Ines knows how to do no wrong within her capacity of words, she is an extraordinary force that should be a household name along with the viral hits that follow her.

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