13 of the Most Criminally Underrated One Direction Songs

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This July, we celebrate the 13th anniversary of One Direction. Whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning or just started listening to them last week, there’s no question that what they did as a band was really special to a lot of people. Although the group was only together for 5 years, they accomplished so much and can be viewed as one of the biggest boy bands EVER.  

While One Direction is known for so many of their hit singles, such as ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Story Of My Life’ and ‘Night Changes’, there are countless hidden gems that are highly underappreciated. Although their more popular songs are amazing, a lot of their underrated songs are equally special and deserve just as much of the hype. Some of their lesser-known songs are actually some of their best. 

In honor of the 13th anniversary of our favorite boy band, here are 13 underrated One Direction songs. In order to make this list, I took into consideration songs that had no music videos, no album singles, special TV show performances, used in commercials, etc. Nonetheless, these are all amazing songs that you should definitely listen to more often (if you haven’t already). 

I Wish

One Direction – I Wish (Audio)

One Direction’s debut album Up All Night was filled with all the ‘pop boy band’ music we all grew up on. Even now, 12 years after its release we are still fond of this style of music and even find it nostalgic. There were many songs on this album that listeners everywhere instantly loved. However, there are still some underrated songs we often forget on this album. I Wish was the perfect balance between a boyband style track and a loveable pop-ballad. With its innocent lyrics and catchy verses, this was one of their best songs from their debut album. After I listen to this song, it definitely gets stuck in my head for hours. 

C’mon, C’mon

One Direction – C’mon, C’mon (Audio)

This song is the definition of pop-perfection. C’mon C’mon on Take Me Home, is a song that will have you on your feet from start to finish. It is 2 minutes and 47 seconds full of non-stop fun. Is it one of their ‘super boy bandish songs’? Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a track that makes you want to drop everything and have a great time. One Direction has so many incredible upbeat songs, and this one stands as one of the most underrated. 

Summer Love

One Direction – Summer Love (Audio)

Their second album, Take Me Home, was filled with some of their best pop songs. While listeners often choose to listen to the more upbeat tracks (because they’re all AMAZING), it’s the ballads that end up underappreciated. Summer Love is a song from this era that really shows off how talented this band is. The vocal ranges and harmonies showcased on this track really makes this one of their better songs. You don’t realize how great this song is until you listen to it. 

Something Great

One Direction – Something Great (Audio)

Midnight Memories was one of One Direction’s best albums. With constant hit-singles such as “Best Song Ever”, “You & I” and “Story of My Life”, it’s hard for people to look past their popular songs, and listen to the rest. Something Great is a song on this album that was really overlooked. This song marked the start of 1D venturing into more mature lyrics and sounds. This ballad is different from any other song they’ve released and I mean that in a good way. I can’t even describe the feeling I get when I listen to this song. And to top it all off, they end the track with one of Louis’ best solos in the band. The emotions all members put into this song makes it feel so raw and personal. 

Why Don’t We Go There

One Direction – Why Don’t We Go There (Audio)

This is an upbeat track that will have you dancing and singing along every time. Why Don’t We Go There is another fun song off of Midnight Memories that more people should listen to. From the fast-paced music to the high energy given from each member, this makes this song an overall great addition to their discography. Can’t forget to mention how great the bridge in this song is too! Niall made it so good. You will never catch me skipping this song when it comes on. 

Half a Heart

One Direction – Half a Heart (Audio)

Half a Heart is arguably one of One Direction’s most underrated songs. This was an additional track part of the deluxe version of Midnight Memories. This is an example of a perfect pop-ballad and will forever be a comfort song. With meaningful lyrics and acoustically pleasing tones, this song will leave you wanting to play it on repeat. The vocals on this song are amazing with standout performances from Zayn and Harry. It is definitely a track that deserves more appreciation.

Fool’s Gold

One Direction – Fool’s Gold (Audio)

Fool’s Gold comes off 1D’s 4th album FOUR. With soft instrumentals and soothing vocals, this is a powerful and emotional ballad that needs to be talked about more. If I had to recommend a One Direction song to someone, this would easily be one of the first. With this being one of their most mature tracks, it is not nearly appreciated to the level it should be. Although One Direction never sang this song live, Niall Horan sang this as a solo act on his first tour in 2017 (Flicker Sessions). Getting to experience this song live was life changing and a moment I will never forget. 


One Direction – Fireproof (Audio)

When it was first released, Fireproof was instantly loved. It was the first song to be released off their 4th studio album FOUR. But not as a lead single. It was available for free for 24 hours and earned 1.1 million downloads. Now almost 9 years after its release (how has it already been that long!), the love and appreciation for this song isn’t as strong as it should be. The song was overshadowed by the new FOUR songs after its debut. This is unfortunate because Fireproof is such a great song. This track mixes their famous pop style with a new indie-rock vibe and is a perfect song to put you in a ‘feel good’ mood.  


One Direction – Spaces (Audio)

Vocally, musically and lyrically, Spaces is an all-around fantastic track. From their album FOUR, this song is such a stand-out performance, yet isn’t very appreciated.

This is the type of song you play alone and on full-blast to really connect to the feelings it’s portraying. The harmonies and soothing vocals really take the song to new levels. The bridge alone gives me chills everytime I listen to it. 

Once in a Lifetime

One Direction – Once in a Lifetime (Audio)

Similar to their song Spaces, this is one of their most comforting songs. It also comes from the album FOUR, but was an additional song released on the deluxe version. In a Capital FM interview with Liam Payne, he revealed that this song was actually his favorite 1D track from their discography. When asked “his all time favorite tune of theirs”, he said: “There’s a song called ‘Once In A Lifetime’, it’s really not one of our biggest and we’ve never performed it live or anything like that but it just really holds a special place for me.”. Although it is a favorite of Liam’s, it is often overlooked by fans and other listeners. With its emotional feel and impressive range of vocals, this song really deserves more love and attention. 



Home was a single that One Direction released that was not affiliated with an album. It actually came out 3 weeks before Made In The A.M. was released. In my opinion, the lack of promotion played a part in this song not reaching its full potential. That and the fact that it was overshadowed by the new songs released with their new album. Lyrically, it is one of their best songs and should have been one of the lead singles for Made In The A.M. Since it’s not matched to an album, people easily forget about this track. While it is still loved by die-hard Directioners, it deserves to be introduced and loved by more individuals. 

Hey Angel

One Direction – Hey Angel (Audio)

Hey Angel is the opening track from 1D’s last album, Made In The A.M.. Right off the bat, it is unlike anything they have released before. With stunning musical build-ups and impressive vocal moments, this song is everything you can ask for to kick off an album. It’s so unfortunate that this song often gets forgotten. 

Walking in the Wind

One Direction – Walking in the Wind (Audio)

Walking in the Wind is a beautifully written and performed song. Lyrics like “Goodbyes are bittersweet. But it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again” really hits different for fans as this was a track on Made In The A.M., their last album before their “18 month” hiatus. In a way, this can be seen as a love letter from One Direction to their fans, which makes listening to this song extra emotional. Even though it is not a single, and has never been performed live, that doesn’t make this song any less special. This track is amazing and deserves to be played on full blast every time. 

There is no doubt that One Direction created so many great songs, no matter the genre, style or popularity factor. This was immensely hard to narrow down to only 13 songs. There are probably another solid 30 songs that would have easily fit right into this category. 

In order to help make this list, I took to social media to ask other Directioners what they think some of the most underrated 1D songs were in their opinion. Here’s what fans had to say:

“Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Same Mistakes, Summer Love, Illusion, ANOTHER WORLD” -@anqielevy on Instagram

“fireproof, through the dark, why don’t we go there, if ii could fly, little black dress, clouds”- @camillepenaa on Instagram

“Fireproof is arguably their BEST song but no one talks about it and she deserves sm more love”- @kaylieflisyn on Instagram

“DOES HE KNOW!!!!! I will die on the hill that it’s the most underrated 1D song!!!!”- @brionymarks on Instagram

“over again! Don’t forget where you belong”- @basicallyagata on Instagram

“I want to write you a song, illusion, wolves, am, love you goodbye, does he know?”- @naiourra on Instagram

“Half a heart MY FAVE, Summer Love, More Than This, Last First Kiss, Heart Attack, Truly madly deeply, Irresistible, Over again, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Right Now, Through the Dark, Ready to Run, Once in a Lifetime, Infinity, End of the day, Long Way Down, Love you goodbye, I want to write you a song ”- @millie.angulo on Instagram

“SAME MISTAKES!!!”- @neveigoe on Instagram

“Something great, nobody compares, walking in the wind is underrated in terms of songs harry wrote”- @haileyfreestone_ on Instagram

“Over again”- @imogenmaeve on Instagram

“what a feeling”- @maddiiecupples on Instagram

“Walking in the wind”- @maddyrose687 on Instagram

To sum it up, One Direction has a lot more to offer than what some people may think. Sometimes you have to look past the popular hit singles and really take in everything this band did throughout their entire career. If you haven’t listened to these songs yet, you definitely should! You may just find your new favorite song within these hidden gems. 

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