28 Signs You Love Harry Styles More Than Anyone Else

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Patchwork knitted cardigans, cherry earrings, a TWPK hoodie, and maybe even a copy of Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami in your bookcase. Every Harry Styles fan whether casual or hardcore has certain quirks that reveal their dedication to the curly haired British heartthrob, and for those of us who have a keen eye, it’s easy to pick out one of us in the wild. If you pride yourself on being a super fan however, you’ve prided yourself on Harry infecting every part of your life in the best way possible and have no shame in letting the world know. We’ve made a list of all the key signs you’re a true Harry Styles fan. How many apply to you?

  1. You own his merch.

You probably have at least one piece of his merch in your wardrobe and grab your purse every time there’s a new drop like your life depends on it, even when your bank account is screaming for you to stop. You’re not alone – who didn’t want that golden tote bag? 

  1. You know his birth chart.

It’s basic knowledge to know Harry is a loud and proud Aquarius sun due to his February 1 birthdate, but only the most dedicated know that he has both a Libra moon and rising with air and water placements pretty dominating his chart. Be honest: you’ve checked your own chart compatibility against his at least once, haven’t you?

  1. You’ve started dressing like him.

At first, it was the little things. A pearl necklace here, a pair of white plimsolls there. You don’t realise how deep the issue runs until you realise you’ve bought a The North Face puffer jacket worth £300 because he was spotted out in it once. But you know what they say. Money is fake, Harry Styles is forever.

  1. You’ve personally ranked every single of one his songs.

What else is there to do on a slow day other than make an extensive list ranking every single one of his songs from best to worst in the notes app on your phone? If you were clever about it, you used a song sorter to create your ranking, but either way, you’ve had to justify your opinions ever since. “What do you mean To Be So Lonely is at the bottom of your ranking?!”

  1. You’ve read at least one Harry Styles fanfiction.

We’ve all been there. Heard rumblings of a certain Harry fanfiction and had a look out of curiosity, then all of sudden you find yourself 56 chapters deep. Whether it’s CEO Harry or mafia Harry, you get sucked in and suddenly can’t believe you ever lived without it. Sucker, anyone?

  1. …and you’ve even attempted to write one.

Nothing is quite as thrilling as planning out a whole 70-chapter story about Harry being the next-door neighbour you fall in love with before realising you actually have to write it. 

  1. You tried to make the infamous patchwork cardigan.

You know the one I’m talking about. The incredible JW Anderson patchwork cardigan Harry wore to NBC’s Today show rehearsals in early 2020 that went viral and took social media by storm. During lockdown, attempts to recreate it were so widespread that Jonathan Anderson himself released the pattern and tutorial for fans to make their own and well…let’s just say there are now a lot of abandoned knitting needles and balls of yarn under people’s beds.

  1. You’ve got a tattoo relating to Harry.

We’ve all thought about it at one point. A lyric from our favourite song, a small copy of one of Harry’s own tattoos. When you spend your days and nights thinking about him, it seems only natural to permanently ink a piece of him onto you too. After all, what’s more money spent in dedication to Harry?

  1. You’ve experienced the trauma of buying Harry’s concert tickets.

Buying concert tickets at the best of times is an unpleasant experience. But when you’re up against tens of thousands of people, stuck in a queue, scrambling to get your hands on any tickets you can find to a Harry Styles concert, it’s a different kind of stress. However, there’s no high quite like seeing the confirmation pop up that you are indeed going to see him. It almost makes all the stress seem worth it.

  1. You can pinpoint any of his outfits to the exact show or event he wore them to.

Some casual fans recognise the most popular outfits. The Met Gala sheer look and the Vogue dress were both seen by the masses. But for the most dedicated of us, we can see one suit and instantly know when and where he wore it. The houndstooth suit? Barcelona, Live on Tour, 2018. The blue velvet suit? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, 2019. Some people choose to study history—we choose to study his array of Gucci suits. 

  1. You’ve been around since the days of the band.

Though there are a lot of people who started following Harry’s career after the band, a lot of us were here for his years in One Direction too. Chances are, if you were a teenager in 2010, you couldn’t escape the mass hysteria over the five cute boys on the X-Factor and before you knew it, you were sucked in after watching ‘cute and funny moments’ compilation videos of them on YouTube. A decade later and we’re still just as obsessed with the green-eyed popstar as we were when he sweetly sang “Isn’t She Lovely” at his audition. 

  1. You talk about Harry in his eras.

Any good Harry fan knows that the best way to describe a moment in his career is to go by his eras. 2013? Frat boy Harry. 2015? Long hair Harry. It’s our version of a calendar, essentially, and every fan has a personal favourite. Hint: if they say they don’t, it’s most likely Dunkirk Harry.

  1. You watch have a full body freeze when new content drops.

It’s the one notification we all simultaneously crave and dread. A tweet from the Harry Styles update account on Twitter with new content about him. The speed at which we go from anticipation to shock, to complete and utter chaos is enough that he should personally offer to pay for our therapy bills. 

  1. Your brain is full of random Harry quotes.

Have you ever just been sitting working and suddenly the urge to say “two bananas for a pound, three bananas for a euro” comes up? Or sometimes in texts, you’ll drop a “that’s totally awkward random” completely unironically? No? Just me?

  1. Your room looks like a Harry Styles shrine.

To some degree, you’ll have Harry’s presence in your room. Maybe it’s a few cute art prints of his songs. Maybe it’s his vinyl’s proudly on display. Or maybe, you’ve got an entire cardboard cut-out of him standing in the corner of your bedroom. Either way, your private space is full of him and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. You’ve been to Holmes Chapel.

Okay, I’ll agree this one is for the bolder fans, but we can all admit we’d at least like to go to his hometown. After all, where else would you get to sample the bread he used to make? Or stand by the bridge he famously stood under in This Is Us?

  1. You’ve watched Dunkirk more times than you can count. 

Don’t ask why we’ve re-watched the scene where he eats jam on bread so much. It’s personal. 

  1. You listen to the music he listens to.

One good thing about being a Harry fan is being introduced to his extensive and eclectic music taste. Let’s be honest, we’ve all searched for and listened to a playlist that includes all of the artists he’s publicly admitted listening to. Think lots of Fleetwood Mac, Shuggie Otis and Carole King, with a bit of Spice Girls thrown in for good measure.

  1. You have a stan account for him.

There’s only one thing better than being a Harry Styles fan and that is being a Harry Styles fan who talks to other Harry Style’s fans on Twitter or Tumblr. A whole community of people as equally obsessed with the fruit man as you and it’s wonderful.

  1. You’re known as the Harry Styles friend in your group.

One of your friends is the ‘mum’ friend, another the bad drunk. But you have firmly been placed into the Harry Styles fangirl category and you’re not mad about it at all. In fact, you use every opportunity you can to bring him up in conversation, regardless of whether anyone cares or not. After all, there’s no way you can ever talk about his abs enough.

  1. His songs are your most played.

Harry has over 8 billion streams on Spotify and you’re sure half of them came from you. If it’s not singing along to “Golden” in the shower, it’s jogging at the gym to “Only Angel”, or crying in bed to “Falling”. He has a song for every mood, and at this point, it’s clear his music isn’t just for enjoyment—it’s a way of life. 

  1. You have a Pinterest board solely for him.

Where else are you going to store an expanse of photos of him without taking up precious storage space?

  1. You dance like him.

It’s now impossible for you to not do the hand gestures and wiggle during “Adore You”, or the entire choreography routine from the “Treat People With Kindness” music video. And if you’re an OG, you have the bootcamp dance from X-Factor memorised to a tee

  1. You listen to all his covers daily. 

If there’s one thing better than a Harry Styles song, it’s Harry Styles covering someone else’s song. From Kanye to Shania Twain to Britney, the man has range, and it seems there’s no song he wouldn’t completely eat up. Excuse me whilst I go and listen to the “Big Yellow Taxi” cover again for the tenth time today!

  1. He’s ruined fruit for you.

Never again will you ever look at a kiwi, cherry or watermelon without instantly thinking of him and all the subversive messages he puts into his lyrics under the guise of fruit. Especially watermelon. You’re not slick, Mr Styles.

  1. You can recite the entirety of that SNL song.

You know the one. Scotty, can’t you see?

  1. You collect his magazine covers like collectables. 

Some people collect stamps, others antique dolls. You, on the other hand, fight tool and nail online to grab a copy of whichever magazine cover he ends up on to add to your vastly growing collection. Regardless of the price, for some unknown reason, it’s not enough to just see the photos online. We need the physical copy, and we will go to any length to get it.

  1. Finally, you’re happier because you’re a Harry Styles fan.

Sure, you spend money on his tickets and merch, possibly too much. And maybe you do spend a few too many hours daydreaming about him whilst sitting at your desk working. But overall, being a Harry fan has improved your life and given you a constant source of happiness, whether it’s through his music, acting or interviews. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty great reason in itself to be a Harry Styles fan.

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