From Fangirl to Rockstar, Meet Flora Rose

French musician Flora Rose has an increasing grasp on the indie pop audience with her sound influenced by the likes of The 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers and a genuine enthusiasm for good quality music. 

Releasing her debut EP, Synthetic Flowers For A Romantic Comedy, in February, her monthly listeners have rapidly increased, almost doubling from the start of the year & having more streams in the past few months than the entirety of last year. With the increasing numbers in her fanbase, she even has an update account run by fans for the fans to keep everyone in the loop in regards to her life. Not only is Flora skilled in the vocal department, but she is also a credit to females in the music industry for following through with the writing, production and recording of her EP, proving that it is possible to make a name for yourself without any connections as long as you put in the work. 

Being a fangirl herself, Flora Rose knows how to connect with her fanbase whilst also growing her audience and has managed to work her way up in the industry independently, recently announcing her role as a support act performing her stage debut for superstar Nieve Ella on her EU tour. Recording almost the entire EP in her apartment with real-life problems such as Replicate being inspired by cancel culture, Flora has captured the interest of a wider audience alike. 

She has also had her songs such as The Brown Eyed Driver added to Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds and Hot Alternative, hallmarking her the epitome of the fangirl to rockstar pipeline. 

It’s clear that the artist is not shy of experimentation within her musical abilities, with the fusion of genres, along with the varied influences divulged in her artistry. Flora Rose is a rising star within the music industry and she will only flourish from here.

Listen to Flora Rose 👇🏼

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