The Do’s and Don’ts of Concert Etiquette

I’ve been to over 140 concerts. Both in stadiums and tiny bars, in different cities, countries, and continents. I’m far from being an expert on all things concerts, but I wanted to share my list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a great time at your next gig! 

DO – Live in the moment

I love taking photos and videos of concerts, I think it’s such a great way to capture the memory! Some people say to completely live in the moment and not take any videos, but I think there’s a balance for those who want to have videos to look back on! My personal tip is to have a plan beforehand of what videos I want to take. I look at the setlist in advance, pick out a couple songs I want recorded, and decide what specific part of the song I want – I usually pick the chorus. I take my video during the first chorus and then I put my phone down for the rest of the song to sing along! 

DON’T – Screech

There is something so magical about hearing an entire audience sing a song back to an artist. Don’t ever let anyone tell you not to sing along, that’s what concerts are for! However, if you are screeching so obnoxiously loud that it’s painful and the ears of the people around you are ringing, consider not doing that. Concerts are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and no one wants to hear terrible screeching instead of the artist. The bottom line is have fun and sing your heart out, but be considerate of the people around you!

DO – Make new friends

Last year, I decided I was going to step out of my comfort zone and start going to concerts alone. It was the best decision I ever made. I was no longer held back, hoping one of my friends would also be interested in going to a concert, but I also made so many new friends. Going to a concert alone is such a good way to meet people with the same music taste as you! More times than I can count I’ve been adopted into a friend group at a concert or have bonded with another solo concert-goer! My tip to start a conversation with someone: compliment them on their outfit! 

DON’T – Forget to take care of yourself

We’ve all seen it: a concert pausing because someone in the pit has passed out. Of course, medical emergencies happen and it can sometimes be unavoidable, but you should always make sure you are taking the proper precautions! Especially if you are lining up all day, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Make sure to properly hydrate and feed yourself. If you find yourself feeling faint, leave the crowd – you could get hurt fainting there! If you are near the barricade, security will usually pass out water if you need it – take advantage of this! And remember that if you see someone who isn’t looking good, try and get them water and the attention of security! 

DO – Pay attention to the openers

Getting up on stage in front of a crowd that isn’t specifically there to see you would definitely be nerve-wracking. Make sure you show respect to the opening act by paying attention – don’t talk through it or just sit on your phone! Opening acts at concerts are how I’ve found so many of my favourite bands and artists. If the opener blows up a year later, don’t you want to be able to talk about how good they were when you saw them as an opener? It’s a win-win situation: the opener will feel good and you might expand your music taste!

DON’T – Push

This should go without saying, but I’ve encountered many people at shows who have not learned proper gig etiquette. Don’t push your way through a packed crowd just to try and get closer to the front, everyone else has been lining up to wait and you will likely make them angry. Same rule applies when the show starts, don’t try to push your way through a packed space – getting that close to people is an easy way to get hurt. Sometimes the artist will come up to the barricade or even into the crowd – this is when most people lose all sense of gig etiquette. Your first reaction is to push closer to get near them, but this could lead to you getting hurt, hurting the people around you, and maybe even hurting the artist. 

DO – Have fun

Overall, concerts are meant for having fun! Try not to stress too much about things, let yourself get lost in the music! This list is meant to make sure you and the people around you stay safe and everyone has a great time! Overall, make sure you look out for yourself and the people around you!

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