Leigh-Anne Kickstarts a Sultry Summer Season with new EP, No Hard Feelings

Blending her Bajan and Jamaican heritage with modern R&B elements, Leigh-Anne’s new five-track EP, No Hard Feelings is a solid display of what can be expected from this Little Mix member’s newest chapter.

Co-written with Khris Riddick, known for his work with SZA and Ariana Grande, as well as Danja (Britney Spears, MIA, and Mariah Carey), and Tayla Parx (Justin Bieber, and Normani), among others, Leigh-Anne’s debut EP delves into a dizzying display of love just in time for a steamy summer.

Featuring previous singles Stealin Love and Forbidden Fruit, these two sultry openers are crying out for air time on the upcoming season of Love Island UK. Exploring the darker side of romance, Stealin Love encapsulates those painful moments when the love you’re offering is mistreated by a partner. Love Island firepit moment, anyone?

Meanwhile, Forbidden Fruit oozes with tantalising moments. A reggae-infused beat underpins this track’s sultry sound, whilst its mesmerising vocal melody creates a sense of palpable yearning. It’s hot under the collar – steamy even. It’s giving her fellow Little-Mixer members stiff competition for their next anticipated releases.

But it is in this EP’s three new tracks, OMG, Anticipate, and I’ll Still Be Here, where we see Leigh-Anne peel back another layer in her musical armour. Leaning even further into the afro-beat influence, OMG is sealed off with production notes from Danja and PRGRSHN, whilst Anticipate is an understated addition that stands out thanks to Leigh-Anne’s versatile delivery.

I’ll Still Be Here is the perfect closer for this short but succinct release. Taking a softer approach from previous tracks, it’s gentle in its execution. It feels like the closing of a chapter – an acknowledgement that she’ll continue to love despite a lack of reciprocation from a fellow party. Fading out in its last few seconds, it rounds out No Hard Feelings in a way that a final track should: leaving listeners curious but amply satisfied with what has gone before.

Speaking on the release, she says: “I created this EP for my fans to feel closer to me and to give everyone a better understanding of the solo artist I want to be. Each track reflects a different mood, so no matter how you’re feeling, there’s something here for you. It’s honest, personal and I’m so excited that now it’s all yours.”

Listen to No Hard Feelings 👇🏼

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