it’s been a hot minute!

It was only six months ago that we took the difficult decision to take That Fangirl Life offline, but we’re back, rejuvenated and stronger than ever before…

Let’s talk

what’s been going on?

Well isn’t this rather strange? That Fangirl Life is back online with a new team, a new perspective, and an entirely new look. Those who have been following us for a while might remember our old website. We loved it, and our designer Kelsey did a fantastic job at bringing That Fangirl Life to the internet with a powerful punch.

But as with any new launch, we felt it was only right to give our website a little bit of a spruce up, so here we are! An entirely new look for the next chapter of That Fangirl Life, and we hope that you love the new site just as much as we do.

A lot has changed over the last six months. Our Founder, Laurel made the decision to take a step away from the platform to prioritise her mental health. We continue to support her decision to do this and hope that one day, she’ll return to join us on this wonderful project.

Since then, we’ve taken on four new team members, who you can find out more about on our Meet The Team page. Volunteering their time and skills to the platform is the greatest gift they could offer, and we appreciate every second they have invested so far in making That Fangirl Life the platform that it is today. 

So now onto the important stuff – the big you’ve all been waiting for! What’s new around here? Well, to put it simply, there’s quite a lot. It’s been a busy couple of months for the team, which we’ll go into later on in this post, but it’s been one of the most exciting periods in the platform’s journey to date. And this is only just the start.

The future of That Fangirl Life is looking brighter than ever before. With the website back online, the scope of what we can achieve has grown exponentially, and let’s just say we have some pretty major ambitions.

The written content that emerged from That Fangirl Life was collectively, one of our favourite aspects of the platform. We were able to dive into the intricacies of pop-culture fandom, educate ourselves on the history of this social phenomenon, and make great strides towards changing the misconceptions that have plagued the subculture for much of modern history.

Our hope is to continue this work, and involve as many unique voices along the way as possible. Find out how you can contribute to the platform in our FAQ section. Let’s dive into what’s been going on, and what the future holds for That Fangirl Life!

in the last six months…

  • We’ve expanded! As previously mentioned, our team has grown to almost double its size, with seven of us now running That Fangirl Life.
  • We’ve had a re-brand! Things are looking a little different around here, and that was our intention. A new look for a new chapter.
  • We started hosting events! You can join us virtually from wherever you are in the world, and meet fellow fans along the way. Check out our events page.
  • We launched a newsletter! If you’re looking for a monthly bulletin to keep you up to date with what’s going on, you can subscribe to our mailing list.

and in the next six months…

  • We plan to get the podcast going again! It’s where That Fangirl Life began, and its return is one of the questions we get asked about the most.
  • We want to run more events! Since our first event back in May, you have all loved this new aspect of the platform. It’s always chaotic, but that makes it fun!
  • We want to feature more of you! 62 fans from across the fan space wrote for That Fangirl Life on our old site, and we want this number to continue to grow.
  • Well, the sky is the limit! If there’s something you want us to incorporate into That Fangirl Life, we want to hear about it. Get in touch and let us know!

i’m ready to explore!