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Update Account of The Year

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Update accounts are the lifeblood of all fandom activity. New concert dates announced? Check-in on an update account. Want content as it happens directly from a show? Check an update account. Your friend tells you that your fav is out and about looking absolutely FIRE? You head straight to your trusty update account to get in on all the action in real-time. 

These accounts are run by some incredible fans who dedicate their time to making sure that you never miss a trick, and without them, fandoms wouldn’t operate in quite the same way. 

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Update Account of the Year


Since 2014, at the height of this boyband’s career, the French team have been keeping tabs on 1D, updating fans on their latest releases, tours and sightings all in real-time. 

Now, they track their solo endeavours to bring fans the action from the comfort of their own rooms. With a combined following of over 80,000, they’re you’re one-stop-shop for all things One Direction related in 2024.