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Fanshop of the Year

When your fave’s merch line doesn’t hit the spot, who would you turn to?

About the award:

We can all name an artist whose merchandise is quite frankly, appalling. Unwearable colour combos, strange designs – you love them, but can’t justify spending a small fortune on a design you don’t totally vibe with. Enter stage left, fan shops. Oozing creativity with aesthetic designs that can be worn every day, their creations outperform the official, branded designs time and time again. 

The Nominees:

And the winner is…

Fan Shop of the Year

Simone’s Merch Shop

“I first started on Etsy where I made and sold tote bags and T-shirts. And after 2 years I was able to expand my shop with pop sockets and embroidered crewnecks which became a huge success.

“I run this shop completely on my own. I print the orders, pack them, do the social media/marketing, answer all the e-mails/messages, come up with the ideas and so much more. It gives me great joy to see people all around the world ordering my designs and getting positive feedback.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my shop. From buying my products to spreading the word and sending me the kindest messages. It truly means a lot to me. THANK YOU!”